Félix Forest


Analytical Methods Section, Royal Botanic Garden Kew (RBGK)
United Kingdom

Félix Forest is Senior Research Leader of the Analytical Methods section at RBGK and responsible for the operation and maintenance of RBGK’s laboratories. He has worked on the systematics of numerous plant groups including Leguminosae, Iridaceae, Betulaceae and Polygalaceae and has a particular interest in Africa, more specifically in the flora of the Cape Region of South Africa.

He is particularly interested in the evolution of pollination and dispersal syndromes, the processes responsible for biodiversity patterns and the biotic and abiotic factors promoting diversification. His research also addresses the application of phylogenetics to conservation planning in biodiversity hotspots and the integration of evolutionary approaches in conservation. He is Deputy-Head of the Plant and Fungal Trees of Life Programme, one of RBG Kew’s strategic outputs, which aims at reconstructing the phylogenetic trees of all plant and fungal genera using genomic data.

He is co-chair of the Future Earth core project bioGENESIS, which promotes the integration of evolution in biodiversity science. He is a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London, member of several professional societies (e.g. Society of Systematic Biologists, American Society of Plant Taxonomists), member of the editorial board of Kew Bulletin, and Associate Editor of the Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, International Journal of Plant Science, Journal of Biogeography and PeerJ. He has authored more than 85 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals and 14 book chapters/sections.

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