Pre-Conference Workshops


Delegates will have the option of attending one of three pre-conference training events. Please indicate your choice when you register for the conference.

  1. Introduction to DNA Barcoding
  2. DNA barcoding natural history collections
  3. DNA barcoding using high-throughput sequencing platforms


Training will encompass the following themes:


1.    Introduction to DNA Barcoding: This workshop will provide an introduction to the standard DNA barcoding workflow, from specimen collecting, to Sanger sequencing of barcode loci, through to data management and analyses (level: introductory)

2.   DNA barcoding natural history collections: Natural history collections represent an incredibly rich resource of samples for DNA barcoding, yet degraded DNA can hamper sequencing efforts. This workshop will focus on the factors influencing recovery of DNA barcodes from preserved specimens, and how new laboratory protocols can increase recovery rates (with a particular focus on use of new sequencing platforms) (level: intermediate/advanced)

3.     DNA barcoding using high-throughput sequencing platforms: The standard DNA barcoding workflow is based around Sanger sequencing. However, various sequencing platforms are now used for DNA barcoding, and there have been many developments in laboratory protocols and informatics pipelines. This workshop will provide a forum to discuss these developments to guide the most effective use of high-throughput sequencing platforms for DNA barcoding (level: intermediate/advanced)